'Concussion' Author Jeanne Marie Laskas

Dec 17, 2015, 08:45 PM

“This is the conversation America keeps not having…” Today, we have that conversation on head injuries in football with Jeanne Marie Laskas, whose reporting on Dr. Bennet Omalu serves as the basis for the upcoming Will Smith film ‘Concussion.’ Laskas has strong words for the NFL and calls for all fans to re-examine their complicity in this $10 billion-a-year industry. Laskas is the author of the book ‘Concussion’ published by Random House. Then, Dave celebrates Serena Williams’ SI Sportsperson of the Year award by reading a column of praise from TheNation.com, and finally, the ‘Just Stand Up’ award goes to the Golden State Warriors and #DubNation who exemplify the American ideal of marrying teamwork and individuality…with a place for Steph Curry. Dave’s column) http://www.thenation.com/article/serena-williams-is-todays-muhammad-ali/ Jeanne Marie Laskas website: http://jeannemarielaskas.comJeanne Marie Laskas on twitter: http://twitter.com/jmlaskasNew Edge of Sports website: http://edgeofsportspodcast.comDave on twitter: http://twitter.com/edgeofsportsEmail: edgeofsports@slate.com Music:“Progress” by David Serena http://soundcloud.com/daveserena“we are bounded” by tgthr. http://soundcloud.com/officialtgthr