Trump Administration pushes back at the China trade pirates. @Larry_Kudlow @StephenMoore @Heritage

Mar 21, 2018, 02:54 AM


(Photo: Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates (February 29, 1936). Terry, a bare-chested, jodhpurs-clad Pat Ryan and Connie find themselves marooned on an island with the mysterious Burma. Note Terry's boyish appearance in this early strip and backgrounds alternating from dark and detailed to blank.)

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Trump Administration pushes back at the China trade pirates. @Larry_Kudlow @StephenMoore @Heritage

People involved in the planning say the Trump administration is looking at making reciprocity the core of U.S. investment relations with China, meaning that the U.S. would impose restrictions on Chinese investment similar to those that U.S. firms face in China. That could mean that the U.S. would insist that Chinese firms form joint ventures before doing business in the U.S., unless China dropped those restrictions.

The U.S. has already made it more difficult for Chinese companies to invest in the U.S. by blocking Chinese bids to purchase U.S. semiconductor firms. That is done by an interagency review of foreign acquisitions by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. Congress is looking to broaden CFIUS reviews of acquisitions so they include joint ventures too.