Episode 50: Reggie Yates

Mar 21, 04:57 PM

Absolutely delighted to welcome broadcaster, actor and documentary maker, Reggie Yates, to the podcast at long last. 

Reggie chats about growing up in a very musically eclectic household, being immediately drawn in by hip hop and its culture from a young age, Dr Dre's Aftermath and Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt. 

Romesh's Recommendation for this episode is: Sean Price - Imperious Rex. 

Check out Reggie's own podcast, Talk Stew via your podcast app and give him a follow @REGYATES. Huge thanks to Reggie for coming on and a big shout out to Radio Wolfgang for studio assistance. 

And thanks to our friends at Beer52 for sponsoring this episode. Make sure you listen in and claim their special offer: www.beer52.com/hiphop 

Yes mate!