Brentford New Stadium Special Podcast - The Lionel Road Groundbreaking

Mar 22, 2018, 06:50 AM

This was an important week in the life of Brentford FC as the club announced to the world that it was going to break ground at the site of the club’s new stadium at Lionel Road.

At a gathering held at One Over The Ait Pub on Kew Bridge - a venue which pretty much marked the spot where Brentford was formed at Brentford rowing club - Beesotted was there to capture the views and reflections of a variety of people associated with the club there to celebrate the momentous occasion.

We spoke to Chairman Cliff Crown, Head Coach Dean Smith, lifelong fan Peter Gilham, Brentford player Ollie Watkins, Director of Football Phil Giles, Ron Cooper from Bees United, Jonathan Swaine from Fullers. Brentford fan Melville Collins and Lee Doyle from Brentford community trust.

We also discussed the Boro game at the weekend, Brentford B-team’s dismantling of Manchester United U23s (3-1) and Chris Mepham’s call-up to the full Welsh team.

Chatting from The Lamb and Flag pub in Covent Garden this week is:

Billy Grant

Dave Lane

Martin The Dutchman Holland

0 min - Intro

3 min 58 sec - Fans in the pub pos Boro match

9 min 38 sec - Beesotted crew chat Boro match

16 mins - Interview with Ollie Watkins

17 min 41 sec - Beesotted crew chat Boro match, Brentford B Team’s 3-1 victory over Man United. They also chat about Chris Mepham’s call up to Wales

37 min 58 sec - Beesotted crew talk through event that took place this week to break the ground at Brentford’s new stadium at Lionel Road

44 min - Peter Gilham talks about Brentford’s move to Lionel Road

47 min 05 sec - Beesotted crew chat Lionel Road and ask fans to call into Love Sport Radio on Thursday - 9pm till 10pm - to discuss what they would be taking from Griffin Park

52 min 07 sec - Brentford Chairman Cliff Crown talks about how much the fans have made Lionel Road happen

56 min 58 sec - Dean Smith talks about how the club will be looking to carry forward the togetherness they currently have to the new stadium

1 hr 02 min 40 sec - Phil Giles discusses the plan for promotion and the need for a massive atmosphere at Lionel Road

1 h 08 min 46 sec - Ron Cooper discusses how he will be ensuring that elements signifying Brentford’s history will not be lost in the move

1 hr 12 min 46 sec - Jonathon Swaine from Fullers’ talks about Fullers’ Brewery’s history with Brentford going way back to the early 20th century

1 hr 17 min 25 sec - Interview with Brentford fans Melvin Collins - one of the original member of Brentford’s blind supporters scheme.

1 hr 19 min 24 sec - Interview with Steve Cowan - one member of the collective who fought for the Brentford fan affiliated ‘A Bee C’ party to win seats on Hounslow Council and fought for Brentford’s future - including backing Brentford’s proposal for a new stadium

1 hr 25 min 28 sec - Lee Doyle from Brentford Community Trust discusses how the club plan to diversify the fanbase through the work the trust does

1 hr 27 min 11 sec - Beesotted crew round things up - discussing radio show on Thursday night and end of season Bees-Up with Martin Allen (which the tickets are flying for)

1 hr 34 min 41 sec - END