Cui Bono Skripal's silence? 2 of 2: Gregory Copley Defense & Foreign Affairs.

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English: Who left the gate open? Using an old road map I forgot about all the MOD land in the area! So much for a short cut to the A30.

Date 13 February 2010

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Author Sebastian Ballard)

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Cui Bono Skripal's silence? 2 of 2: Gregory Copley Defense & Foreign Affairs.


  1. It is important to note that the UK Government throughout its statements on the matter implied that only Russia had access to the Novichok agents, and that they were still in use with the Russian Armed Forces. Those allegations were incorrect as to the spread of knowledge and possession of the agents were concerned, and there is no evidence that the Russian Government retained Novichok in its arsenal (although it would certainly have samples in its archives). The reality was that several Soviet satellite states also were known to have had access to No-vichok during the Cold War, and Wikipedia notes: “In 2016 Iranian chemists syn-thesized six Novichok agents for analysis and produced detailed mass spectral data which was added to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weap-ons Central Analytical Database.” Moreover, the fact that the UK Government’s chemical and biological warfare agency at Porton Down was able to identify the nerve agent used in the Skripal case as Novichok indicates that Porton Down al-so has — presumably as with the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemi-cal Defense (USAMRICD), at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, and other concerned agencies around the world — attempted to obtain samples of No-vichok agents and probably attempted to replicate them in order to discover anti-dotes. Vil Mirzayanov, one of the developers of Novichok, defected to the US in the early-1990s, revealed the project and delivered all the data, including produc-tion techniques, to the US and the UK.

  2. A Parallel Case: What has thus far gone unremarked was the fact that the as-sassination on February 13, 2017, at Kuala Lumpur International Airport of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of DPRK leader Kim Jong-Un (who later died in hospi-tal), directly paralleled the attack on Mr Skripal. It was alleged that Kim was at-tacked by two women with VX nerve agent. However, VX is gas, and the reality was that Kim Jong-Nam was killed with a Novichok variant: a viscous liquid con-taining the same nerve-paralyzing molecules as VX. It was assumed at the time that the North Koreans mastered the art of the Novichok’s carrier-molecules but not that of the super-lethal agent. And it was presumed that this was on the in-structions of Kim Jong-Un. Sources indicate, however, that Kim Jong-nam was killed by a nerve agent from the Novichok family of weapons, which had been designed specifically to be more powerful and effective than VX (in fact, about five to eight times more powerful than VX, and more difficult to detect). Why has this parallel, which was known to Western intelligence agencies, not raised? Was it not raised because it might throw doubt on the “indisputable logic” of blaming the attack on the Russian Government? ..."