Episode 15: Wines-o-lutions

Jan 08, 2018, 05:43 PM

New Year, new wine. But same old Bottle Bitches! This episode, we talk about our wine-related resolutions for 2018 and drink three wines that will be rolling out in our reviews these next three weeks. Now that is something to toast to! 🥂 WINESUP: ANGELA: Want to cut back on some calories? Maybe you'd like to try Slimline Wine! Zero sugar. Half the calories. And absolutely horrifying branding!  CARO: Wine & Weed tours in California are underway but we wanna know: what are the snacks?!  KATE: In a mad dash to get rid of all the sweets in her house, Kate tried to hook us all on some wine biscuits. (Admittedly, she thought this would go over a lot better than it did. She apologises.) Do you have a favourite wine-flavoured snack? Other than wine, we mean. Tell us in the comments!  Did you make any wines-o-lutions this year? Tell us about them in the comments!Or tell us #WinesUp with you over on Instagram or Twitter! THE DRINKING:The wines we mention in this episode will be reviewed over the course of the next three Wednesdays. So hold tight, they're coming! While you wait, we challenge you to drink something new and exciting to celebrate a new and exciting year.  BONUS CONTENT:Here's a cute picture of the grape with a beard. And a chicken wearing a knit hat. We'll let Paul google the knob wearing a hat all on his own though...  We have merch! The three of us are obsessed with our Happy Corkscrew Enamel Pin Badge and totally think you should get one (or three) of your very own to rep the Bottle Bitches community and elegantly show your love for delicious wine and good times. Seriously, they're hella cute!    This Bottle Bitches episode was produced by Producer Paul (PP) of Dark Horse Digital, who is probably still looking at pictures of little knit hats on knobs. Or maybe he's knitting a little hat of his very own? We really can't say and tbh we really don't want to know.  If you enjoy this episode, please take a moment to subscribe to our podcast in Apple Podcast. We would also love for you to write us a review so other folks may be unfortunate enough to find out about us too.  Until next time! xx