Episode 12: Bordeaux and Bottoms UP

Dec 04, 2017, 03:12 PM

Our special guest, Sarah, joins us for a second week and we took the opportunity to talk about her favourite wine region: Bordeaux.¬†ūüć∑ WINESUP:¬†CARO:¬†We all agree that wine helps make the creative juices flow, so next time you and your team need to carve out some time for R&D, Caro suggests you take a trip to a vineyard and visit one of their team-building/drinking spaces to get your think on. Or just open a few bottles in a the conference room & make sure there are some high-calorie snacks hanging around for fuel. What could possibly go wrong?! ANGELA:¬†A study has come out saying that there are 4 types of wine drinkers: Sweet, Hyper-sensitive, Sensitive and Tolerant. Which one are you? Tell us in the comments!¬† KATE:¬†What's up with mulled wine? Kate asks some serious questions whilst trying to decide if this is the year to get into mulled wine or nah...¬† Do you think your mulled wine recipe could go up against Angela's and Mrs. PP's?¬†¬†Use the tag #WinesUp on Instagram or Twitter¬†and tell us all about it! THE DRINKING:We drank two beautiful wines from Bordeaux. The first, was a Ch√Ęteau Capbern Gasqueton Saint-Est√®phe 2012 from Oddbins which retails for ¬£30.00. The second was Chateau Mancedre Pessac Leognan 2012 from Fromage and French which relations for ¬£26.00. Both were very good but only one of them made Kate want to wear cashmere pyjamas and wooden eyeglasses (just the frames guys!) whilst reading in bed like some kind of perfectly coiffed Nancy Meyers heroine.¬† This Bottle Bitches episode was produced by Producer Paul (PP) of Dark Horse Digital, who's probably making the most of Mrs. PP's mulled wine right this very moment. Can you blame him?¬† If you enjoy listening to this, pretty please subscribe to our podcast in Apple Podcast. We would also love for you to write us a review as it helps other folks find out about us.¬†¬†