Here, Sit Next to Me

Mar 25, 05:45 PM

Matthew 26:17-35 -- The Last Supper

What is meal time like at your house?

Why is it significant that this was the Passover celebration? What is Passover about? How does the plague of death passing over the houses of the faithful connect to Jesus and his sacrifice?

How do you think the disciples would have reacted when Jesus announced he would have been betrayed? Why was Judas confused that Jesus was talking about him? What may have motivated Judas to lead the Jewish officials to Jesus? Is there any clue as to where Judas may have been sitting? If they are sharing the same dipping bowl, they may have been sitting right next to each other. Why would Jesus seat his betrayer right next to him?

Jesus is not motivated by rationale. He is motivated by love.

When Jesus breaks the bread and says, "This is my body," it was matzo bread, and there would have been an audible snap.

If Peter has already identified Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, why is he arguing with Jesus here? Peter has a history of relying on his own wisdom and strength rather than on Jesus, and it never goes well. Here, perhaps Peter should have stepped back and reflected on what Jesus was saying. Maybe he should have asked Jesus for strength in facing the temptation of denial.

Nothing surprises Jesus. He knew his betrayer and he denier, and he invited them to dinner anyway. He knows us, he knows our faults and our shortcomings, and he loves us anyway.