Episode #361: Uncle Yusuf

Mar 26, 2018, 07:03 PM

  • Pottermore makes some staffing changes- Scholastic confirms release of Crimes of Grindelwald screenplay

  • The mystery behind Hogwarts Mystery is revealed!

  • Main Discussion: Crimes of Grindewald trailer roundup

  • We breakdown the Lestrange family tree in more detail

  • What does it mean that Leta and Credence are half-siblings? Will this test allegiances?

  • Who is Yusuf Kama? Could it have been him staring at the family tree?

  • Listeners fact check us on the Minister for Magic, DADA professor and headmaster during the late 1920s

  • Did Dumbledore's comment about Newt not following directions mean Newt really isn't supposed to be in Paris?

  • Could Grindelwald been standing before a group of peers presenting his crimes?

  • Could the dance Leta attended be her own wedding or engagement party?

  • What role does Leta have in all of this? Is she a casual observer to the unfolding events or does she pick a side?

  • J.K. Rowling Sez covers Lethal White, Newt & Kennilworthy Whisp's friendship and 85-year-old grandmothers

  • We respond to tweets on Grindelwald's cell, Dumbledore's put-outer, the DADA classroom and the history of transport to Hogwarts

  • Quizzitch: In Chamber of Secrets, what three nonsense spells does Harry aim at the bush before Dudley calls for his mother?