r/antifacebook, Schrodinger's TimmyThick, and Everything Pet Rats

Mar 27, 2018, 07:07 PM

Obviously we all know that everything is a lie and the world is an alien hologram that we're making decisions in against our will, but this week pretty much removed any reasonable doubt. Not only did Cambridge Analytica's involvement in the 2016 elections prove to all of us that we're basically just human excel spreadsheets, but the world's most confusing and alluring low-bro Internet personality, Timmy Thick, was revealed to be none other than a Harvard social study all along. Or was he? Was Timmy Thick the world's greatest peer reviewed study or is Timmy Thick indeed our generation's greatest living artist? Is Facebook proof that we're nothing more than a number, or the best contemporary opportunity to create an impacting rebellion against the financial elites of our society? What does anything mean anymore? Like, share, and follow us on Facebook please. This episode brought to you by Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.