Jesus Was At Pizza Hut? + Texting Tutor Update: She Wants To Date Her Professor!

Mar 29, 2018, 01:11 PM

This guy placed one of the best 911 calls we've heard this year.

46-year-old Richard Quintero called 911 in High Point, North Carolina last Thursday.

And he just wanted to let them know that he was JESUS . . . that he'd finally returned to Earth . . . and that he'd broken into a PIZZA HUT to eat pizza and drink Mountain Dew.

The 911 operator tried to ask for his real name. But he just reiterated that his first name was Jesus, last name Christ.

When the operator asked where he lived, he said he was from Heaven. But later in the call, he revealed he was actually from Indiana.

He was cooperative when the cops showed up . . . and he's been charged for breaking and entering, and larceny.


You like him. You had a connection. But you just don't KNOW how to take it to the next level…especially if you're not the kind of forward person who wants to ask the them out, or if you're scared of rejection.

So sometimes, you just need a little help scoring that date - and that's where we come in! We'll tell you what to text the person you're into, line by line, and we'll help you get that date…but you have to PROMISE to write EXACTLY what we tell you to.

Bethany is crushing on her college professor, and as luck would have it - because of scheduling conflicts, he no longer teaches her class, so it's no longer an ethical conflict…he's fair game. Right?

We've got a plan to help her land a date…but Davi was pretty against it. It sounded like we were tricking him into it, so we tried to be on the up and up and really lay it out there…by saying it had nothing to do with coursework.

Well, Bethany had her coffee date with the professor…how'd it go?!