No Foolin', the Tomb is Empty!

Apr 01, 05:00 PM

Happy Easter!   

John 20

Have you ever received news you could not believe?

Mary Magdalene found the tomb open and empty. What did she assume happened? John and Peter run to the tomb. What do they see? They did not yet understand that Jesus had to rise from the dead...why did Jesus have to rise from the dead? It says that they saw and believed. Can you believe without understanding? Why did they go home?

Why does Mary not recognize Jesus? Does his resurrection do more than just bring him back to life? Has his physical appearance changed or been enhanced somehow? Why doesn't Mary react to the angels? Why did the angels and Jesus wait to appear to Mary?

Why does Jesus greet the disciples with "Peace by with you?"

Why doesn't Thomas believe the other disciples? Why does Jesus appear again? If Thomas is a doubter because of this one story, don't all of us have to take on that title, too?