Prevention Over Cure

Apr 03, 2018, 07:54 AM

We all know that prevention is way better than cure. The cure has been more commonly addressed in the past few years – with increasing numbers of all sorts of illnesses and hurt going round the world, there’s no wonder we’re all looking for a cure. Let’s face it, no one wants to be in pain any longer than they have to. Prevention however, has taken a bit of a back seat and it’s only recently started to make an appearance again!

The truth is simple: Prevention is better than cure.

Preventing illness (of any form) is much better than going through any pain and having to find a cure. I’ve always been a massive fan of prevention and although my relationship with food hasn’t always been smooth sailing, the relationship I’ve had with my curiosity for health has been. I guess being a HSP (highly sensitive person) means that I’ve always been curious about what can prevent the people I love from hurting and how I can improve my health to be the best version of myself possible. I got into health and nutrition for that exact reason! To help you make smarter choices that will empower you to take charge of your health and live nourished and fulfilled lives. That’s where prevention comes into it. It’s about teaching ourselves what our bodies need to thrive.

In this episode I share the 6 doctors of prevention with you and give tips on how you can start implementing prevention into your own life. Think of them as the prescriptions each of the doctors give you.

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