#9: Helen Reynolds: Stepping off the treadmill, creating space to explore and have fun, and bringing it all back together in life post-sabbatical

Apr 05, 2018, 09:58 AM

Helen trained as a Clinical Psychologist and decided to take some time out from a very busy job and career in London to go on an adventure driving from the UK to Portugal to spend time by the sea in Sagres. Helen talks about buying a van and doing it up from scratch with her family and friends and then setting off on her sabbatical. She mentions the initial tension and fear around taking time off from what feels like a secure career, questioning what you're doing and feeling the pressure of other people's expectations. However as time progressed Helen came to see that there were many possible ways of living and back in the UK she is living this- combining psychology with surfing. I hope you enjoy this month's pod. 

Recorded in October 2017

Links to things mentioned:

The Wave Project: https://www.waveproject.co.uk/