141 How to Listen to the Affirmation Pod Podcast as an Alexa Skill

Apr 06, 2018, 07:00 AM

Great News!  Affirmation Pod is now an Alexa Skill! In honor of that, and the 5 year anniversary of Affirmation Pod, I will be publishing FOUR episodes this month! Until then, here is an episode where I demo how to listen to Affirmation Pod through the new Alexa Skill. "Alexa, enable Affirmation Pod" "Alexa, ask Affirmation Pod to play the latest episode" "Alexa, ask Affirmation Pod to play episode 51" - New Day Affirmations "Alexa, ask Affirmation Pod to go back 30 seconds"  "Alexa, ask Affirmation Pod to play 137" - Progressive Relaxation for a Great Night's Sleep "Alexa, ask Affirmation Pod to forward 5 minutes" - to when the music begins "Alexa, ask Affirmation Pod to play number 1" - I Love Myself "Alexa, ask Affirmation Pod to play number 8" - The Past is the Past   Can You Help? If you want to help spread the word about Affirmation Pod, go to Amazon.com and search for Affirmation Pod.  Thanks so much!     For more from Josie: Website: http://AffirmationPod.com Digital Products: http://JosieOng.com Bonus Episodes: http://AffirmationPod.com/Access Facebook: http://Facebook.com/AffirmationPod Twitter: http://Twitter.com/TheJosieOng Instagram: http://Instagram.com/TheJosieOng Podcast Network: http://CalmClearNow.com Facebook Group: http://AffirmationPod.com/Facebook Subscribe Apple Podcasts: http://AffirmationPod.com/ApplePodcasts Subscribe on Google Play: http://AffirmationPod.com/GooglePlay Subscribe on Spotify: http://AffirmationPod.com/Spotify Subscribe on YouTube: http://YouTube.com/AffirmationsForHealthyLiving Listen with Alexa: http://AffirmationPod.com/Alexa Free Worksheet with 6 Steps for Making Changes and Changing Habits: http://AffirmationPod.com/Habits