#33 | Langers, Gowls and our Oral Tradition

Apr 06, 2018, 01:00 PM

Today's episode is a game of two halves. In part one Darach chats to Jody Coogan about certain articles of Hiberno-English slang (specifically, Munster slang) and they discuss whether they have an Irish origin or not.

Such slang words enter the language when spoken English and Irish collide. Speaking of spoken Irish… in part two, Darach is visited by Ola, Clodagh and Gearóidín and they discuss the Irish Leaving Cert Oral exam and go through the irregular verbs (Bí, Feic, Téigh, Déan, Faigh, Abair, Tar, Ith, Tabhair, Beir, Clois).

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