The Early Church and Their Powerful Testimony

Apr 08, 01:43 PM

What is your favorite story to tell?

Acts 4:32-35

After Jesus ascended into Heaven, his followers needed to organize themselves so that they could continue to spread the Word. But how would they organize themselves? How would they support their efforts?

In this reading, what seems very different about the early church than our church experience today? How did they support one another financially?

Does anything that we have actually belong to us? What about a mindset that says, "This belongs to God; I just have temporary custody of it?"

The early church had no needy person among them. What contributes to a person being "needy?"

To be a give a testimony, you have to know what you're talking about and you have to be able to articulate it?

Are there still powerful testimonies about Jesus today? What goes into a testimony? What facts about Jesus do people need to know?

Your testimony can include facts about Jesus, but even more powerful is a personal story. Have you have an opportunity to talk to a friend about Jesus? Why is it difficult to bring up this subject? Let's pray for opportunities to present themselves and let's be ready to make the most of those opportunities.

What testimony can you offer without even using words?

What is the testimony of your church/youth group?

We will not have an episode for April 15, because it's spring break here...We'll be back for April 22.