Educated Peleoneras

Apr 10, 2018, 11:00 AM

This episode of Tamarindo is full of #EducatedPeleonera vibes! Starting with some quality catching up with co-hosts Melinna and Brenda in our 'Que Pasa' segment (#thirsttrap: we talk #JanelleMonae). We engage in a rare "Explanatory Comma" moment (See NPR's Code Switch episode from 12/14/16) to catch y'all up on what exactly we mean when we say or hashtag 'Educated Peleonera'. We put a spotlight on some #EducatedPeleoneras who are fearlessly lifting their voices standing up for their communities and are making waves culturally and politically. We invoke the badassery of #NaomiWadler #EmmaGonzalez and #EdnaChavez some of the young women of color whose voices resounded around the world as they demanded an end to gun violence at #MarchforOurlives. As Latinas from #LosAngeles, we were especially touched by #SouthLA teen Edna Lisbeth Chavez who highlighted the need for the movement and media to focus on gun violence in communities of color, including #policeviolence and for resources in communities to address trauma and inequalities stemming from poverty and systemic racism.

Next, we interview Afro-Latinx political commentator, community organizer, and independent journalist Rosa Clemente. Rosa joined actor Susan Sarandon at the 2018 Golden Globes to shed light on #TimesUp. We caught up with Rosa shortly after the #WeAllGrow Latina conference and learned more about #PRontheMap, a collaborative effort she founded that brings independent journalists together to document the untold stories of Puerto Rican people following the devastating hurricane Maria. A native of South Bronx, Rosa Clemente is one of the most raw, honest, political, social, and cultural voices in the country. Keep up with Rosa on twitter: @rosaclemente or on instagram @blackpuertoricanphd

Finally, we wrap up with our signature segments: the Chancla, a flip flop that we energetically chuck at whatever ticked us off (from twitter trolls to toxic masculinity) and the ode to #Selena, the #BidiBidiBomBom (when your heart goes pitter patter in Spanish), where we balance it out by sharing something that's bringing us joy.

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Edna Lisbeth Chavez' speech:

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