Interview with Ole Miss DT Herbert Moore

Apr 10, 2018, 12:57 PM

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NFL Draft 2018 - DT Herbert Moore

Ole Miss DT Herbert Moore took time out of his preparation for the 2018 NFL Draft to talk with Steven Van Over.

A big guy at a young age, Moore is a young man who is on the upswing as he works his skills in preparation for the NFL. High School, College and now the National Football League, football has been a focus for Herbert most of his life. Now he is on the cusp of realizing his dream.

"... I have had heavy hands my whole life .. " - DT Herbert Moore on his ability to ragdoll an opponent

When you watch film on this guy what jumps out at you is his hands. The dude has the ability to anchor and "rag doll" a player as he disengages. NFL scouts will love this guy. Football is a primary focus in his life and the man is good at it. Love it when a plan comes together. 

Van Over keeps it real, puts things in perspective and gives you an "up close" picture of a "top NFL Draft Prospect" for 2018.

STL NFL Draft Talk with DT Herbert Moore

SportsTalkLine Podcast Steven Van Over

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