How To Have A Break In The Modern World

Apr 10, 2018, 04:50 PM

When it comes to living on the go continuously, I know I’m not the only one. In fact, so many women who I have the pleasure of coaching, struggle with finding balance in their lives. Taking time out seems to be the most guilt inducing activity when it’s actually meant to rejuvenate us and make us feel more alive. In our modern world it seems like there’s a million and one things that always need to be done and our to-do lists (as awesome as they may be) are forever growing. Gone are the days where there were the masculine roles and the feminine roles – now we all can embrace both the masculine and feminine energies inside of us and work with them throughout our days. 

As amazing as that is, it does create more work for us because we have to fit in so much more throughout our days and adapt to multiple roles constantly.

For example, you might have roles such as:

  • Working you 

  • Mother you

  •  Friend you

  •  Lover you

  •  House cleaner you 

  • Food shop you 

  • Car pool driver you 

  • Gym bunny you 

  • Chef you  

The list is endless. But, it’s also exhausting. 

Having to constantly change from masculine to feminine and feminine to masculine just to accommodate for the role you need to play at that particular moment in time. That’s why burn out is more common now than it ever has been and why so many of us struggle finding that balance between our energies and how we live our lives.

There are so many reasons why living in the modern world makes it harder to relax but there are also so many reasons why it’s important to do so. I know that I really needed that little break away last week and feel so much better for it. So, I wanted to share my go to techniques and tips for relaxing and taking a break in the modern world. These are ways that help me to switch off and reconnect with myself and my loved ones and I hope you find some tips that resonate with you and that you can start practicing.