Abdullah Albeyatti and Mo Tayeb explain why they will be the Next Big Thing in monitising patients' health data.

Episode 3,  Apr 16, 2018, 11:53 AM

David Bradley talks to Abdullah Albeyatti and Mo Tayeb. Both are medical doctors and founders of MedicalChain. They tell their story and explain why MedicalChain promises to be the Next Big Thing in putting the World's patient records on to the Blockchain. Like never before patients will be empowered to resist aggressive non-payment behaviour from medical and travel insurance companies. They will have access to evidence to support negligence claims. And they will be able to make money (in the form of Medtokens) when third parties pay to use their patient data. They will also be able to buy medical services via MedicalChain with their Medtokens. Which begs the HUGE question: could MedicalChain become the global platform over which citizens from multiple countries buy medical services, circumventing much expensive bureaucratic administration and cost, matching medical need with the right supply at the best price, wherever in the World it may be?