S1E09 – “Secrets Beneath the Floorboards” – The Simply Scary Podcast

Nov 22, 2016, 08:57 PM

Join us as we venture into the darkest reaches of our concrete and steel society. Many people have found interesting surprises hidden for generations in old buildings. From benign discoveries of money and odd renovations from previous owners, to more malevolent discoveries of hidden corpses and dreadful omens, you can never be sure what you will unearth. This should force us to realize that monstrous acts and horrific nightmares are often hidden - just out of sight. So when you do major renovations to your home or explore an abandoned building for a thrill, it’s best to be prepared to reveal “Secrets Beneath the Floorboards." See full episode details, including credits and more information about the featured authors and performers, here: http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/episodes/s1/1x09