S1E06 – “The Lesser of Two Evils” – The Simply Scary Podcast

Nov 08, 2016, 05:46 PM

As of the release of this episode, we’re in the home stretch of the 2016 American Presidential election cycle. Many of us are beginning to get a sense of relief that this embarrassing national circus is coming to an end. Either way, roughly half to two thirds of the country is about to be profoundly disappointed and a large portion of either team’s supporters fears buyer’s remorse. And it just so happens that we here at the Simply Scary Podcast specialize in fear. In honor of the momentous carnival like atmosphere, we bring you an act from the freak show that reveals how, believe it or not, the situation could have been much worse… See full episode details, including credits and more information about the featured authors and performers, here: http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/episodes/s1/1x06