S1E01 – "Childhood Mysteries” – The Simply Scary Podcast

Oct 11, 2016, 05:00 AM

As nostalgic as many of us get for our childhood, memory can be a frustratingly unreliable thing. It can lose the most precious moments and information from our formative years… Inexplicably, when we really need it for a conversation with an old friend, our memories may fail us and leave us stammering for an explanation. Sometimes, though, the gaps in our memory shield us from revelations that, if they had been retained, would haunt us to our graves. Today’s stories are about unfortunate characters who attempt to unravel some of these puzzling “Childhood Mysteries." See full episode details, including credits and more information about the featured authors and performers, here: http://www.simplyscarypodcast.com/episodes/s1/1x01/