r/kratom, Zuckerborg, and tick season

Apr 16, 2018, 09:39 PM

Welcome back, us. We've been away for a few weeks, but we're back and ready to fall into a deep, legal, opiate-induced euphoria with all of you sweet listeners. As is well documented on this podcast, we here at DYR (and when I say we, I mean u/dogboobes) have a certain fascination with strange substances, particularly if they help numb the waking reality of this alien simulation we call life. This week, we've decided to take a journey into the latest "drug" craze, Kratom, before our nation's "go to mass three days a week" step-uncle Jeff tries to make it illegal. Frequent listeners know that we've briefly touched on the topic of Kratom in the past, but with the FDA recently calling Kratom into question because of Club 13's super exclusive Salmonella flavored batch, we thought it was time to dedicate an entire episode to this miracle leaf. Also, we briefly discuss Zuckerbot's recent congressional hearing, and think about how jean/short hybrids came to be. This episode brought to you by Pacific Trail pants for dads, and TrueSwords.com.