Kitchen Island Commentators - Barry Davies (by Olly Hogben)

Apr 19, 2018, 01:14 PM

The all-conquering biscuit that is Barry Davies is the first commentator to be placed in our commentary biscuit tin of brilliance. 

Multi-sport commentator Olly Hogben splendidly talks Jack and Griff  through Barry's broadcasting career, via:

  • How Barry Davies takes his coffee - c. 4 minutes in 

  • What it's like to commentate on Kazakh Kuresi and Zurkhaneh - c. 10 minutes in

  • What happened when Barry Davies first commentated on MOTD - c. 13 minutes in

  • How Barry Davies changed the face of gymnastics commentary - c. 17 minutes in

  • How Barry Davies absolutely nailed Maradona's 'goal of the century' - c. 18 minutes in

  • Olly Hogben's 3 favourite Barry Davies moments - c. 22 minutes in

  • Olly Hogben's 2 favourite personal commentary moments - c. 32 minutes