Comparison Vs. Inspiration

Apr 17, 2018, 01:49 PM

We all know what comparison is – in fact, I’m pretty much betting you have compared yourself to another person at some point in your life. It almost seems to be human nature to compare and the fact that we are our harshest critics doesn’t help. I’ve been SO guilty of comparing myself to others and the worst thing is that although I compare myself, I’m never doing it consciously – what seems to be a harmless Instagram scroll or Pinterest search soon turns into a comparison binge of criticizing every part of my life and wondering why I can’t be like Suzie Q. Sound familiar?

In this episode i wanted to share why comparisons are not serving us and why it's so important to let them go - PLUS i wanted to share how to find true sources of inspiration that DO serve you in the best way possible:

'If you find that your mind starts to lead you to comparing yourself to your ‘sources’ of inspiration then they’re not actually inspiring you! '

This is the biggest 'take away' I want you to gain from this podcast and I wanted to write it down for you:

'Inspire yourself to be the best version of yourself. The more self-belief you have, the more your source of inspiration will come from within you; when that happens comparing yourself to others will disappear. Until then, make sure your sources of inspiration lift you up, add purpose to your life and most importantly serve you. Notice when something no longer serves you so that you can continue being your beautiful self without any distractions. '