Golfers Are The 1 %

Apr 21, 2018, 03:00 PM

Golfers raise a LOT of money for charity every year. In the US last year there was a total of $3.9 Billion raised by golf and golfers, from the PGA down to Mom & Pop's scramble. And that was a full 1% of the total of all philanthropic giving in the country. Yay Us!!!

This week we talk about charity. John has a hilarious story from a charity scramble, Jeff coaches you through playing in your first charity scramble outing and we interview a guest who is heavily invested in golf, philanthropy and overall positive effects.

Shail Shah is a fashion designer who has started the new company, 2-DG. He has a beautiful golf polo shirt made from a material spun from threads from reclaimed fishing nets, so he helps the environment. It's SPF-50 so it helps protect the golfer from Melanoma. AND, he is giving 10% of the total sales to a cancer researcher who is getting close to a successful treatment and even a cure.

Look good, feel good and help out! Buy one of his shirts here,