It's All in the Name

Apr 22, 05:51 PM

Acts 3:1-16, 4:5-12

When has your name been misspelled or mispronounced?

What was the beggar probably expecting from Peter and John? Was he expecting much?...aren't beggars often just ignored? The beggar's healing was immediate and full!

The people expect that Peter has some special power that allowed him to perform this miracle. Peter wants to be sure people know the credit goes to Jesus. How had Peter depended on his own power, instead of Jesus's, before? How did that work out for him?

Annas and Caiaphas were among the council of religious leaders who decided to crucify Jesus. How would you feel being Peter or John appearing before these men? Where did their courage come from? Can the Holy Spirit offer us courage today? Why don't we tap into that?

We know the names of all the main characters in this story except for the beggar. Why is the beggar nameless? Are there nameless people in our society? Should there be?

Why did the religious leaders want to know in whose name this miracle was performed? There is power in a name. Has your name ever been misused? God is clear that God's name is not to be misused. How is God's name often misused?

The name of Jesus doesn't just offer healing. It also offers salvation. What is salvation? Our hope come from the fact that God not only loves us, but has chosen us to spend eternity with. This hope is secured with the empty tomb--Jesus has power over death. We all know people who need to know this hope. Let us come together and proclaim the hope that is in the name of Jesus!