The Hedge - Why I Gamble with Jimmy Shapiro with "Hammering" Hank Goldberg Part I

Episode 10,   Apr 24, 2018, 08:22 PM

Legendary ESPN prognosticator, "Hammering" Hank Goldberg, joins the Hedge for a two-part podcast. Part I of the podcast mainly focuses on his relationship with Jimmy the Greek (JTG) as a ghost writer for his columns and a collaborator for his role on The NFL Today. 

Hank tells the Hedge how he met JTG, the success of JTG betting politics, the media embracing sports betting, talking to coaches and front office people for information, not being allowed to mention spreads on the air, the huge ratings JTG's segments got, JTG's epic Super Bowl parties, JTG becoming his own industry, and the end of JTG on CBS.