Hr 1 - We're talking TRUTH tonight - Tony Bruno Show LIVE #MustWatchRadio

Apr 26, 2018, 03:46 AM

Hr 1 - Meek Mill is Free, Kanye is talkin' truth & we've got special guest Rudiger "Rudy" Ellis, CEO of our own Switchboard in STUDIO. It's another night of #MustWatchRadio w/ your host Tony Bruno!


  • Tony Breaks the faux fireplace 

-  What's with Tony's eye? 

  • In depth Carwash discussion

  • Rudy Ellis from #SWITCHBOARD new and old school streaming systems, DSL and Dialup

  • Overuse of TV and Movie actors

  • #NFL talk

  • #NBA Playoff discussion

  • #KanyeWest loses 7 million over followers Trump support

  • #MLB basemnent dwellers and home wins and losses

  • Old School beer jingles (Schaeffer Beer)

  • We have heavy Arabic conversations on Periscope and have no idea what its about.

-  Florida Talk and talking weed and Broccoli

Host: Tony Bruno

w/: Miss Robin & Luigi Curto and don't forget Jack in the Back!

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