MOTA-vation: POC, Marijuana, and Makin' Money Moves

Apr 26, 2018, 01:14 PM

Whether you smoke it, bake it, or hate it, Marijuana is here to stay and with more states going the way of Colorado and California, the Cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity… but exactly is who stands to benefit from this booming business that is estimated to generate $40 billion in economic output by 2021?** Women? People of Color? LGBTQ Folks? White Men? Tune in as we talk POT and POWER on this week’s episode! Joining us are two of the founders from The Peoples Dispensary- Christine de La Rosa and Chaney Turner. THE PEOPLES DISPENSARY is an Oakland based social enterprise and dispensary which uses its business model to push for racial equity within the cannabis industry. Cofounded by Chaney Turner, Charleen Caabay, Christine De La Rosa and Michael Schlieker, - The Peoples Dispensary is a company committed to uplifting communities by creating equity in the Cannabis industry. We got to talk to Christine and Chaney to learn about how they’re revolutionizing existing dispensary models with their equity framework and bringing opportunities for generational wealth to people of color.

 Just last week, as the #420 hashtag was trending on April 20th (the now universally accepted celebration for lighting up), some used the moment to shed light on the ways that communities of color continue to be criminalized for doing what many white businesspeople are now being celebrated for. Despite the growing social acceptability of marijuana use and the boom in the dispensary business, there’s a clear lack of equity when it comes to people of color and pot. Black and Brown folks are disproportionally incarcerated for minor marijuana offenses and often times, these offenses can even be a barrier to getting citizenship. Get the 411 from these badass Bay Area women and learn how you might be able to get a piece of the magic pie…or brownie! Finally, we all took a moment to gush over her royal HIGH-ness- Queen Bey and her FIRE performance at #BEYchella (formerly known as #COACHELLA)! LIGHT UP AND LISTEN.

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*Music Notes: Song clip from “Marijuana Boogie” by Lalo Guerrero

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