Parliamentary Privilege - Pre-Hull podcast from the pub

May 03, 05:50 AM

Playoffs are over after a loss up at Barnsley. Brentford can now prepare for next season.

The Beesotted crew met in The Red Lion Pub in Westminster opposite Downing Street for a bit of parliamentary activity - discussing meeting Jeremy Corbyn on the way to Barnsley, Barnsley and who is likely to leave in the summer. Plus we look forward to the Hull game at the weekend.

Billy the Bee Grant

Dave Laney Lane

Liberal Nick

0 min - Intro including a tiny insight into the conversation with Billy and Jeremy Corbyn on the train to Barnsley

8 min 25 sec - Barnsley and Brentford fans on the train

11 min 47 sec - Beesotted crew chat Barnsley game

30 min 35 sec - Beesotted crew discuss who possible players ins and outs

57 min 02 - Beesotted crew discuss Hull

1 hr 05 min 59 sec - END

Photo Credit - Mark Fuller (Official Brentford Pics - @FarnhamBee)