Introduction: London Connected Learning Centre Podcast episode 1

May 03, 2018, 08:18 AM

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast series. In this introductory programme, presenter Julia Lawrence finds out more about London CLC’s approach to professional learning, the new iPad aimed specifically for schools, the IBM summer school for computing leaders and what exactly tennis, art and gardening have to do with computing.


Sarah Horrocks, London CLC director

Christian Turton, London CLC deputy director

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02:55 Christian and Sarah reveal the tech that’s exciting them at the moment, including the new iPad, which is great for younger pupils to do drawing and other activities.

05:08 What makes good professional development? How does the London CLC’s sustained partnership approach work?

07:50 Hear from teachers and pupils about the benefits of CPD in computing and digital literacy, and the value of being part of a community of practice.

14:25 Sarah and Christian discuss the various elements of CPD, from confidence - encouraging teachers to have a go, find out and problem solve - to context and making it meaningful for teachers to apply the tech they have discovered.

17:02 Find out more about how London CLC works with programmes and partners such as Tate and IBM, including the Junior Developer Challenge and the IBM summer school (book now!)

19:45 How has the new computing curriculum changed how computing teaching needs to be supported? What do we know about how children approach programming, and what makes for effective practice?

23:20 Learn more about London CLC’s community of practice with ongoing courses and series of conferences throughout the year.

24:45 Hot off the press! We’re hoping to bring back the gamelan at the South Bank in the autumn…

25:55 Another exciting project starting soon is with IBM and Wimbledon around data analytics and sport. Groups of year 9 pupils will try to improve sport performance through data analytics, nutrition, social media etc and, as IBM do all the data analytics for Wimbledon, the pupils will go to Wimbledon every week.

27:10 Find out more about how we introduce technology into early years through our

work with the Lambeth Garden Museum, using technology to look at all things gardening (read a blog post about this project).



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