TOPICS: NBA/Kentucky Derby/Florida & MORE- LIVE #MustWatchRadio -Hr 1

May 03, 2018, 06:42 PM


-We introduce Alexa to the show and she comes up short,

-Dont forget to join us at Cantina Laredo in King of Prussia on Saturday from 2 to 4 pm live!

-Tony has put off a trip to Italy due to eye surgery

-Tony considers placing a bet on "My Boy Jack" (in the back) in the Kentucky derby

-#NFL free agent talk

-#NBA talk and Steph Curry comes back and returns to draining 3's

-Robin continues to insert the term "YOU'S GUYSES" despite criticism

-English "Full breakfast" conversation

-Chris Bruno brings in the delicious Smoothies and discusses growing up in the Bruno household.

-Somehow we find out they make 24k gold dusted chicken wings.

-#Florida somehow is a bad state to find UFO's

-At the end of the show we attempt to pick a SUPERFECTA at the Derby and how it pays off. 

It's another night of #MustWatchRadio w/ your host Tony Bruno!

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Host: Tony Bruno

w/: Miss Robin & Luigi Curto and don't forget Jack in the Back!

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