Health Tips from the Mediterranean

May 08, 2018, 05:27 PM

Last week Ben and I took a trip to Italy and explored the Amalfi coast. Besides how beautiful, charming and serene it was, it also gave us both the time we needed to reconnect with one another and switch off from the world. In short – it was a week of pure bliss and I soaked up every second of it.

As always, I came back home and jumped on the scales to assess the ‘damage’ and was completely shocked – rather than putting on that dreaded holiday weight, I’d in fact lost weight – 3lbs of it. I couldn’t believe it – after all, If I was in the UK and ate pasta, gelato and pizza every day I would most certainly put on weight; I wouldn’t feel healthy, energised or vibrant in any way, yet after eating my fair share of spinach and ricotta cannelloni, I came home feeling healthier and happier than I had done in a long time. You can imagine what a total shock that was to me when I spend my weeks eating organic wholefoods, drinking probiotic smoothies and spending hours in the gym.

I was mesmerised by the beauty and health of everyone there; it was only when I arrived back home in the UK that I was able to truly appreciate all the elements that added to their vitality. The Mediterranean lifestyle, the food, the social life, the activity – it all came together in one beautiful recipe to create a truly energising experience for me (and for Ben!). So, I wanted to share what I learned and give you some tips towards improved health and wellness inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. These are habits that I want to start putting into practice in my life and hopefully you might find some inspiration from them.

Some of these tips include:

  • Physical activity

  • Walking

  • Nutrition

and so much more!