Toasted Arpeggio Podcast Vol. 4 - #10 - The Pointless Soakin' Auld Logs Finale!

May 10, 05:16 PM

So here, we are! Another volume tanned!!

In this bumper curtain closer we hear about Chris going to the racing in his special bookies jaikit.

Super Glue is invented whilst watching a film wi nae music in it!

Listener Pish brings us some proper darkness and we give a shout out to our mum's who don't like the swearing.

TAP Local takes to the worlds of hair pizza, bitcoin on the cheap and pointless stinking old logs.

We've got TAP News, Toap Bits and Jean & John delve into Willy Wonka's confectionery laden classic.

We'll be back shortly, git sharing in the meantime!!!