Romily Broad on Digital Transformation and the challenges football faces right now

May 11, 2018, 10:00 AM

Romily is a fascinating person who has an in-depth view on the challenges football is facing. Not just the ones we're used to talking about, but those BIG things that are happening behind the scenes and could be make-or-break for the sport we love.

With the need for digital transformation well understood and underway within many industries. Football, and sport generally, has taken more of an ostrich approach to it. With short-termism hard to escape when time is so scarce and resources/money stretched (and unknown in the medium term), how can football in this country and beyond survive if it doesn't change?

So there's lots we get through on this, with 5G playing an important role that few are talking about. 

And finally esports crops up due to Romily's experience at EA - great to get his view on how different clubs and leagues have been approaching this new opportunity/challenge.

You can find Romily on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Until next week...