Hull. Martin Allen. Premier League. Beesotted Brentford Fans' Show on Love Sport Radio - Thur 10th May

May 11, 05:50 AM

The season is over. The Beesotted crew could now chill and reflect on yet another top 10 finish for Brentford.

In the studio with Aaron - Billy TheBee Grant, Dave Laney Lane and Edwood The Headwood chat Championship final day malarkey. Whether it is better to be struggling in the Premier League - where probably 10 or 12 teams have no real chance of challenging for anything and more often than not, probably a good 10 of them will be scrapping for relegation at one stage or another - or bouncing around in the Championship where every week could be a rollercoaster ride?

There's an audio clip from Martin Allen's appearance at the recent Beesotted end of season event where he discussed how Luton fans sent him a death threat before a match. And they discuss madcap managers (both football and personal)

Plus they pick out their highlight of the season

End of Season Podcast out on on Thursday 17th May

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