Speaking of Trump & the Nobel Peace Prize. @SebGorka

May 11, 06:29 AM


(Photo: 日本語: 1974年(昭和49年)、佐藤栄作に贈られたノーベル平和賞の金メダル。国立公文書館所蔵(請求番号:寄贈01854100)。

English: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Eisaku Satō

Date 2 July 2016, 15:59:36

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Author Awalin)



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Speaking of Trump & the Nobel Peace Prize. @SebGorka


The New York Times, perhaps caught up in the exciting possibilities of a Trump-Kim detente, is even exploring the idea of a Nobel Peace Prize for the President:

Critics of the president and his often inflammatory rhetoric balk at the idea of Mr. Trump receiving one of the world’s most prestigious diplomatic awards. But some laureates and historians of the prize acknowledge that there are instances where such an honor was bestowed on contentious politicians in order to acknowledge and encourage efforts for peace.

“Part of the strength of the Nobel Peace Prize is that it is controversial,” said Berit Reiss-Andersen, the chairwoman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the prize after roughly eight months of deliberation over hundreds of nominations. “If it was a global consensus prize, it wouldn’t have the relevance and the authority that it actually has today.”