Live and Let Dye w/ Comedian & Writer J CHRIS Newberg!

May 14, 2018, 10:24 AM

The amazingly awesome Writer/Comedian (he's written for American Idol, Russell Peters, Dane Cook, GSN’s Idiotest, and Dawson’s Creek Composer) but he's also a great musician who just dropped the hilarious comedy album “LIVE and Let Dye!” On @ itunes! The longtime friend of Jaclyn’s gives great insight, advice, and funny stories on navigating a Comedy Career in Hollywood. He also opens up about Breakups and Post relationship life from the guys perspective! His Jersey is “Detroit” and the two talk “Just Enough” Michigan sports, NHL playoffs, and Britney Spears workout sex things. Follow him on twitter @TheChrisArmy, and Jaclyn @Jaclynmarfuggi! 


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