Rockin & Rollin with Ricky Morton and Frank Griffin

May 15, 2018, 10:00 AM

On this week's episode of Cigars, Scars & Superstars, Terri is joined by 1/2 of The Rock 'n' Roll Express Ricky Morton. They reminisce about Ricky joining the York Foundation, traveling with Curtis Hughes, working in Mid-South for Bill Watts, hatred for WCW, his hair care routine and some of his memories with Dusty Rhodes. Also on the show is Frank Griffin owner of Overdrive Pro Wrestling. Frank and Terri talk about the big show on May 19th at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena. They also get into Franks past about his first memories of the business, starting Overdrive with his dad, and wrestling at 14. Also an unruly guest interrupts the show!