Episode 168 - Thomas Anselmi (Slow, Mirror, Copyright)

May 16, 2018, 02:40 PM

WHAT A WEEK!!! Damian gets to sit down with Canadian Alternative music legend, Slow’s Thomas Anselmi! Listen in as the two discuss Vancouver’s punk scene from all sides: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of it. Also, interesting discussion on the role of singers, the importance of the the barrier between the audience & the band. 

Also Touched On:

The Sex Pistols Vomit In The Airport & An Otherwise Progressive Stepdad Is Aghast

Going To Quintessence Records

The Greatness Of The Early Vancouver Scene

Slow Mixing The Music That Got You Beat Up With The Music Of Those Doing The Beating

The Idea That Community Ruined Punk

Subhumans Play Your High School

The Squamish 5

A Scene Divided

Starting A Band: Psychotic Dick Bites

East Van Halen: The Band That Invented Grunge 

The Effect Of Clifford Olson On The Young Punks

No Exit

Auditioning For Black Flag, In The Middle Of Their Show, Unbeknownst To Them

Nick Moves To LA, Forms Painted Willie & Tries To Break Into Show Biz With An Island On His Head

DOA Kinda Invented DIY Hardcore

Organizing A Field Trip At Boarding School To See 

The Subhumans & X

Forming Slow

The Making Of A Confrontational Front Person

Drugs In The Vancouver Punk Scene

Why Singing In A Band Sucks

Expo Hurts Everyone