Teachers Finally Snap + A Yanny Vs. Laurel Answer

May 17, 2018, 11:44 AM

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It's taken more than three years, but we FINALLY have a truly worthy successor to The Dress.

On Monday night, a fashion designer named Cloe Feldman tweeted out a video where a computer-generated voice says one word. And the word is either Yanny...or Laurel. And people are going crazy arguing over which is right.

Seriously. Some people hear "Yanny" and some people hear "Laurel." Some even hear both . . . all of us heard "Laurel"...except for K Lee (Khristian), who hears "Yanny."

And according to a poll on Buzzfeed, 50% of people said they heard Yanny...36% heard Laurel, and 13% could hear both.

So what's going on? Apparently it all has to do with the audio frequencies.

Younger people are more likely to hear "yanny," because that's what's coming through in higher frequencies that they can still hear. You're also more likely to hear "yanny" in bad speakers, because they don't handle lower frequencies so well.

But with good headphones, you'll probably hear "laurel"...which is what the voice is ACTUALLY saying. Maybe.