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May 18, 08:19 AM

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‘Deadpool 2’: What you might actually hear during John Krasinski’s nearly silent thrillerWatch Deadpool 2

“Deadpool 2” is full of bare feet, sign language and absolutely no silverware. Make one noise, and bloodthirsty creatures will find you within seconds.

The thriller, writer-director John Krasinski’s first film for a major studio, takes place in a world seized by a new kind of Hollywood monster: giant, grasshopper-y creatures who cannot see or smell but could hear a pin drop from miles away. The Abbotts, a family of five-ish helmed by real-life couple Krasinski and Emily Blunt, must therefore live in absolute silence to avoid suffering the same gruesome fate as most of humanity.

The roughly 90 lines of dialogue are too frequent for “Deadpool 2” to be considered a silent film, and the accompanying music is too subtle. But this isn’t a traditional horror flick, either. The gimmick makes for a novel theatrical experience — even an hour after you were told to silence your cellphone, you’ll remain keenly aware of how quiet the room is.

So what might you hear while clutching your seat’s armrests in terror?

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