#20 | Natural Wines / Pete Conway O’Neil - Green Man Wines

May 18, 2018, 01:48 PM

On this week's episode of With Relish, Pete Conway O’Neill from Green Man Wines (http://greenmanwines.ie/) in Terenure drops in to speak to Harry and Aoife about the fascinating world of natural wines. Pete gives an education into what is an often misinterpreted style of wine production. We look at the process, history and characters behind the lo-fi wine industry in Ireland and abroad. Harry and Aoife also joined Pete in tasting three incredibly exciting wines which you can find more details on below. 

#1 Sébastien Riffault ‘Les Quarterons Sancerre Blanc’ 2014

#2 Weingut Gerhard and Brigitte ‘Pitt Nat’ 2016

#3 Claus Preisinger ‘Puszta Libre!’ 2016