May 20, 06:17 PM

Acts 2:1-15, 22-24, 36-42

Acts 2:1-4

What was this like?  How did it sound? -was it startling? -did it last the whole time?  What did it look like?   Was it hot--could you feel the flame?  How did they feel? …fascinated? confused? scared? emboldened? 

What would you do with the gift of speaking other languages?

Acts 2:5-13

See how loud the disturbance must have been.

Compare the reactions of the people in versus 12 and 13.

 Why were there skeptics?  Why are there skeptics today? 

Acts 2:14-15, 22-24, 36-42

How does this all suddenly make sense to Peter? Where did he get this knowledge? 

What can you say about the Holy Spirit equipping people to do God’s work?  When have you experienced that personally? 

What was the reaction of the crowd to Peter’s sermon?

Peter, you are the rock upon whom I will build my church. Matthew 16:18 

Who do you think was more impacted by this day--the ones who received the Holy Spirit or the ones who witnessed all this?

The book Katarina mentions is called, Tongue of Fire on the Daughters of the Lord, Or, Questions in Relation to the Duty of the Christian Church in Regard to the Privileges of Her Female Membership.

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