WNFL Commissioner Daquon Carpenter Interview

May 22, 2018, 12:31 PM

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WNFL Commissioner Daquon Carpenter Interview

It wasn't too far back a fledgling NFL was trying to attract owners and just a few decades later a merger with the rival AFL and the advent of television catapulted the sport into the #1 spot in American sports.

Who knew then? No one. It was a group of owners, coaches, and players with a passion for the sport coming together and making it happen. The rest, as they say, is history.

Flash forward to today. The NFL's popularity has never been higher and the hard-hitting drama that is football easily crosses lines of gender. Sure ladies want to cheer for their favorite team. However, some of them are superior athletes and want to play the game and do so at a VERY high level. Women playing real football has been a thing for years now and it's looking like the WNFL (Women's National Football League) is about to become a reality.

"... There are women's leagues currently all over the United States .. " - Daquon Carpenter

Enter Daquon Carpenter. A man with a vision and the passion and drive to bring it to fruition. Bluntly, someone, you would really enjoy having a conversation about sports with. I was lucky enough to have a chance to do just that and enjoy is something I did a bunch of.

Get a glimpse into the world of a fascinating group of money, athletes, coaches, and players who are all coming together to try and create something special.

Van Over keeps it real and put things in perspective for another great Sports Conversation.

STL NFL Draft Talk with Daquon Carpenter

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