How To Fall Asleep When You're Stressed

Jun 13, 07:00 AM


It’s something we feel more of, hear more of and experience more of. In fact, so many of us are living with some form of chronic low grade stress, if only from the constant need to juggle many different hats as possible at one time. There are so many health problems associated with stress and the lack of sleep or inability to fall asleep is one of them. 

Sleep is imperative in living our most vibrant and fulfilled lives. It’s our time to rest & rejuvenate, it allows our brains to re-set, our muscles & tissues to repair, it gives our hormones the chance to balance and it allows our digestive system to rest. When we lose sleep, we feel more agitated, our energy levels deplete, we experience brain fog, elevated cortisol levels and our digestive system and hormones are in a constant state of fight or flight. 

So, if you’re already stressed then you can see how lack of sleep ISN’T helping you at all! I’ve put together 5 tips that will help you fall asleep when you’re stressed so that you can wake up to your most rested and energised self in the morning.