Cust Corner XIII - Hotels Getting Rid of Tiny Shampoo, Best Cooks of Steak, Eating Finger Foods with a Knife and Fork + MORE

Jun 01, 10:00 AM

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Pat Mayo, Cam Stewart & Tim Andercust quick hit all the things bothering Cust recently: Proper cook of steak, using a knife and fork for eating ribs, hollowing out bagels, municipalities banning straws, and hotels getting rid of complimentary shampoo and soap. 

Show Index

1:26 Eating Finger For with a Knife and Fork

4:03 Drumstick vs Flat Chicken Wing

7:51 Gatorade vs Powerade

8:33 Best Nuts

10:41 How Many Cokes a Day

17:19 Municipalities Banning Straws

20:02 Hollowing Out Bagels

23:35 Hotels Getting Rid of Tiny Shampoo

33:02 Best Way To Cook Steak

37:55 Two-Line Pass in Hockey

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